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Babylon Makes American Idol
3/28 Versailles C
3/30 @ Troy 11-4
3/31 Anna 17-0
4/3 @ New Bremen C
4/4 Centerville 8-1
4/4 Centerville 9-6
4/6 Minster 8-0
4/9 @ Bethel 5pm
4/11 Russia (DH) 8-1
4/14 New Bremen 15-1
4/15 Ansonia 10-0
4/16 Miami East 10-0
4/17 @ National Trail 14-4
4/18 ACT --
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4/22 Newton 8-1
4/23 @ Milton 11-3
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5/9 @ Tipp City 8-1
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5/19 Miss. Valley (Sect) 4-1
5/23 Felicity (Dist) 1-0
5/28 Triad (Reg) 3-5
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Allison Babylon took a big step in launching her singing career with a successful audition for American Idol in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Allison Babylon has many talents beyond music, including excelling on the softball field for the Covington Lady Buccs.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Although she is just sixteen years old and has just finished her sophomore year at Covington High School, Allison Babylon is already a seasoned veteran when it comes to performing in front of a crowd.

But when she was invited to try out for American Idol last week in Indianapolis, Babylon felt something she hasn't felt in a long time.

"Going into the audition, I was nervous and very shy," she explained. "I didn't know what to expect. I didn't really think a small town girl really belonged in a big city in front of a bunch of people."

Allison was invited to the American Idol audition thanks to her connection with Joy Davis of Davis Vocal Studio in Miamisburg, a place where she practices once a week on perfecting her singing voice.

"American Idol called Joy looking for talent and that's something I wanted to do for a long time," Allison explained. "She (Joy) immediately called me and told me that this was the perfect time to try out. They (American Idol) gave me a Fast Pass, which put me at the front of the line."

There were over 600 people who auditioned, which only increased the nervousness for Babylon as she waited to perform.

But as her opportunity came closer, Allison put her trust into the hands of a higher power.

"Before I went into the audition room at the hotel, I prayed to God to give me the courage and strength to perform at my best," she said. "I put it all in God's hands, so when I walked in there I knew it would go God's way no matter how it turned out."

Allison performed the song "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals and then waited for word of what to do next.

"After my audition in the hotel, they asked me to come into the tour bus and perform again," she explained. "They did a video recording in the tour bus and then I went back into the hotel again to do more video recordings. I kind of knew then that they must be interested in me."

Once all of the auditions and recording were complete, the American Idol producer called Allison and several others into a room to address them in person. What Babylon heard was a dream come true.

"He talked to us as a group and said 'None of you made it except Allison'," Babylon described. "He told us that everyone came to sing, but I was the only one who came to perform. He then talked to me directly, congratulated me and gave me some tips about performing in front of a camera."

It's uncertain where Allison Babylon goes from here as more auditions take place in several other cities.

But one thing is for certain, Allison will get a call in the near future to perform in front of celebrity judges.

"I'm not sure when or where yet, but I will get to perform in front of the celebrity judges," she said. "It could be Kansas City, Seattle, Atlanta, Texas, I don't know. Hopefully it's in Kansas City."

Regardless, Allison Babylon is living a dream - a dream fulfilled through talent, hard work, chance, and the grace of God.

"I have to give praise to God," she said. "With his strength, I'll keep giving it all I have. I'll do the best I can do regardless of the cameras and people who are there. I put my faith in him (God)."

And it has brought a small town girl to the brink of stardom.

Allison Babylon took advantage of an opportunity to perform for Amercican Idol.